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5.0 stars Posted by a client on Feb 9, 2015 on Avvo

Mr. Jonathan Harwell SAVED and WON my case!

I called Mr. Harwell in late August 2014 desperate to find an attorney to assist me with my complicated and drowning law suit. I was out of money, as I had already paid my previous attorney, Mr.Y., $8700.00 to assist me in retrieving my stored property from an Indianapolis moving and storage company in the fall of 2012. The storage company did NOT protest the fact that I was paid in full. However, when I tried to have them deliver my property from their storage facility, they refused to release my stored property, unless I signed a form allowing them to charge my credit card without my consent. Of course, I refused to sign this form.
After failed phone conversations with the storage company owners, I hired my previous attorney, Mr.Y.. After 3 failed attempts, and a court order, I was finally able to retrieve some of my property from the moving and storage company.

There was thousands of dollars of damaged and missing property. Even though I did finally received some of my property back, I was still pursuing the moving and storage company for the rest of the losses. The previous attorney, Mr.Y had sent me a letter in February 2014 threatening to withdraw after I asked about some "problems" with this case sited by opposing council in a legal brief. He filed nothing with the court concerning this case after early October 2014, when he requested a new judge because of "personal reasons". A new Judge was assigned in December 2014. Investigating on my own, I found that the judge could dismiss my case, because nothing had been submitted to the court from my attorney( MR.Y) for months. This would leave me in the position of not only loosing the case and my chances of recuperating any monies for my property losses, but could also have resulted in the moving and storage company suing me for THEIR attorney fees , since they had no judgement against them. I put this information and my fear of being sued in certified letters to Mr.Y. in April 2014. He never responded to the 2 certified letters. For the next several months, I frequently called the court to see if Mr. Y had resigned as my attorney or had submitted anything in my behalf. No resignation and nothing submitted. Now August 2104, I desperately needed an attorney to help me, since, Mr. Y had not responded to my certified letters and nothing had been filed in the court on my case, since December 2013 (8 months previously).

Unfortunately, I could not find an attorney willing to take this case over for me. I was out of money and there had been mistakes made on the part of my counsel that dramatically complicated this case.
I finally found Mr. Jonathan Harwell! After a few minutes on the phone, and I knew he was going to help me....AND HELP ME HE DID! I dismissed Mr. Y as my attorney. Mr. Y then sent me a final bill. After reviewing my case and Mr.Y's bill for legal services, Mr. Harwell called Mr.Y and told him, that he (Mr.Harwell) did not believe I had been properly represented. He gave Mr Y. distinct examples of his poor legal representation and questionable ethical practices in representing my case. Wow!

Mr. Harwell took my case on a contingency basis. He took over as my attorney and got to work in sorting out the the very complicated and sorted details of this case. This young man is EXTREMELY hard working and focused! He will not promise what he can't deliver, but is diligent and ethical.

The opposing attorney for the storage company was a transportation attorney with years of experience, but he was not intimidated, despite her best efforts. He promptly settled this case with the storage company and I received thousands of dollars in compensation for my property losses.

Mr. Harwell consulted with me every step of the way, making it clear he was working for me, not the other way around. He is polite and considerate. This case was nearly lost and he resurrected it! He is truly a remarkable attorney!

5 Stars

Recommended by Tiffany in May 2019 on AVVO

Jonathan Harwell has been my lawyer for over 2 years. He has represented me in past criminal cases, as well as my current criminal and family cases. Jonathan is honest and fair in all his cases he has quoted me. He will let you know from the begin all the ways it can go and hia honest opinion on how he thinks it will go. When he took my each one of my cases he let me know what I needed to do to help myself which in all, helped me and him with my cases. I also like the fact that he is willing to travel to other counties that I have open cases in. Jonathan and his team are very wonderful to work with and will notify you (exp...call/text/email. However you request) before any court dates or if info about your case has came up. Jonathan is very understanding and fair with his prices, he has always been willing to work with me on payments. I just can not say enough good things about Jonathan and his team!

5 Stars

Recommended by Randy P. on March 2018 on Google

Jonathan and his firm are amazing! He helped me with something I was struggling with for what seemed like a lifetime. I would recommend anybody to him without hesitation, because I know he can get the job done efficiently and fast! Thank you Jonathan!

5 Stars

Recommended by Andrea A. on February 2018 on Google

Great attorney very attentive to your needs I highly recommend.

5 Stars

Recommended by Shelby G. on June 7, 2018

I would recommend Jonathan to anyone who needs a lawyer. He has helped me with every question I've had about my case and has talked to me on personal levels too. He's very understanding, and I will continue to use his services.

5 Stars

Recommended by David P. on December 2017 on Google

Problem solvers. good people. great service.

5 Stars

Recommended by Anonymous on December 2017 on Avvo

I was desperate to find legal representation for my case with my first son. And with my old representation I felt like he didn't do his job and as I was looking around he took on my case and I let my previous representation go. Ever since then he has worked with me on payments and always gives me a call back with any questions I may have. He is a great lawyer!!!

4 Stars

Recommended by Shawnika on December 2017 on Avvo

Jonathan Harwell is a patient and thorough lawyer! He was always professional and friendly and always was able to answer all of my many and continuous questions.

4 Stars

Recommended by Phyllis D. on December 2017 on Avvo

I contacted Mr. Harwell when I was feeling like my son's attorney was working for the prosecution not him. Because of my financial situation I needed someone that was willing to work with me and Mr. Harwell was just that person. My son now feels that his attorney is working for him. I am glad that my son now has representation that is willing to help him in a situation that should never have happened. I am glad that I hired Mr. Harwell.

4 Stars

Recommended by Titilayo O. on May 27, 2016 on Yelp

Well, I have been with Harwell Legal Counsel since about January of this year. I am very satisfied with their expertise. Every one is friendly, especially the paralegals and receptionist, who are always ready to help when a question arises. Here, the client is first priority, and they make sure every ones needs are met, and to the optimum satisfaction.

So, if you are ever in need of a lawyer, please give them a call. 317-500-4435

Recommended by Duston in May 2019 on AVVO

My experience with Mr. Harwell was great and very helpful. He had put together a strong defense and was able to get me cleared of the charges and had walked me through the hole step.

Recommended by Ann C. on June 7, 2018 on Google

Never needing a criminal lawyer before I had no idea where to turn when a family member needed one. Jonathan was referred to me by a friend at the prosecutors office. He listens to his clients and explains things so that there is no mistaking what is involved. We've never felt rushed or put aside and Jonathan never ends a conversation until he is sure we have no further questions. This firm works very hard for their clients.

Recommended by Chenise L. on June 7, 2018 on Google

I was very pleased with the professionalism and expediency of service provided. It was a no nonsense and matter of fact manner.

Recommended by Vicki C. on May 2018 on Facebook

Mr. Harwell and his gal are the best! They led me through the complicated processes and started on my case the minute I called and left a weekend message asking for help. Could not have found better legal help.

Recommended by Vicki C. on May 18, 2018

Mr. Harwell and his gal are the best! They led me through the complicated processes and started on my case the minute I called and left a weekend message asking for help. Could not have found better legal help.

Recommended by Ronald W on Sep 18, 2016

"Mr. Harwell is very thorough on the case"

Recommended by Kenneth M. on Oct 1, 2016

"You made it easy for me every step of the way"

Recommended by Geneva T on May 19, 2016

Mr Harwell really cared and when no one else believed, HE DID. He had payment plan that worked for me and I never spent any time in jail and I am now free to do anything I want. I picked him out of the phone book and I sure picked a winner.

Recommended by Andrew M on May 12, 2016

Hi, I want it known that the legal services I received from Harwell Legal Counsel, were truly amazing. From the first call I made to them, I was treated with dignity from all of their staff. I never felt like just another person, I felt like I was the only person. You hear stories of nice Attorneys, but all of these people are real. They care, and will be there for you. They explain everything in normal plain words. I personally will always recommend Harwell Legal Counsel, to everyone that I know or hear that needs assistance. I can never Thank them enough.

Recommended by Donovan P on May 11, 2016

My experience was awesome. The people there are genuinely there to help you through thick and thin. 10/10

Recommended by Donald C on May 11, 2016

We met our objective, communication could have been a little better. All and all a pleasant experience."

Recommended by Jay W on June 16, 2016

good service and information

Recommended by Jacqueline C

I'm very pleased, would definitely recommend

Recommended by Anonymous

Jonathan has told my husband and I everything up front, and 100% honest. He doesn't sugar coat anything, and that's what we wanted. He's very understanding when it comes to our many questions and concerns, and responds quickly. His paralegal, Mariah, also responds quickly and has been very helpful to us as well.