Searching for a Reputable Robbery Attorney in Indianapolis, IN?

Searching for a Reputable Robbery Attorney in Indianapolis, IN?

Harwell Legal Counsel can take on your theft or robbery case

When it comes to your theft or robbery case, you can't afford to work with an underqualified criminal defense attorney. You should hire someone with the knowledge and skills needed to build a persuasive defense against your charges. That's where Harwell Legal Counsel LLC comes in. You can trust a theft and robbery attorney from our law firm to give you the guidance and support you need during your case.

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3 possible consequences of a theft or robbery conviction

Without a skilled robbery and theft attorney on your side, you could find yourself dealing with serious consequences if convicted. Some common penalties include:

Stiff fines-fines can range up to $10,000 depending on the value of the stolen property
Jail time-for a misdemeanor theft offense, you could face up to one year in jail
Prison time-depending on the severity of charges, you could face six years in prison

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